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Our Policy

Company Policy











To enhance stakeholders' happiness with high quality business.

Rule and Company Activities

1. We at APT protect the earth's environment, assure product safety and keep employees safe. It is very important to reduce the consumption of materials, utilities and wastes.

2. We at APT shall not make illegal contributions to officials or political parties for purposes of obtaining or retaining business. Also we shall not receive excessive contributions.

3. We at APT contend that antisocial parties threaten or destroy the company and our lives.

4. We at APT reject drugs detrimental to health.

Code of Conduct

1. We shall observe the company rules and regulations strictly.

2. We shall tell the Company if we've seen any evidence of unethical conduct.

3. We shall not discriminate on grounds of race, nationality, sex, age or background.

4. We shall respect individuals, each job and section. We will cooperate actively with our associates and have a spirit of cross-functional cooperation to further the attainment of the Company's objective.

5. We shall not make false or artificial statements in the attendance check sheet and the books and records of the company, such as the payment of the suppliers, consultants, agents or any other parties for products or services supplied and not supplied.

6. Line managers will continue to persuade their people into focusing their capability to achieve common goals.

7. We will protect confidential information strictly.

                                                Quality Policy

To provide high quality product and service to achieve customer satisfaction by continuous improvement.

                                           Environment Policy

1. We shall always recognize the environmental risks which arising from our activities, product and service.

2. We shall promote the pollution preventive measures and continually improve the environmental management system.

3. We shall strictly establish and implement a management system to comply with applicable laws, regulations and other environmental requirments.

4. We shall minimize and dedicate responsibly manage to the significant environmental impacts.

5. We shall educate, communicate and develop our employees and related party with respect to the management of environment on a regular basis.

                                              Safety Policy

1. Safety is a key success factor and basic for all our company activities.

2. Safety should be contributed by each of APT member.

3. We must recognize that we can prevent all kinds of incidents and accidents.

4. The level of safety is continuously heightened through the committed individual efforts.