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                                                                                           Engineering Plastics


Polyamide 66                             

LeonaTM: We enjoin fully integrated production from the supply of raw materials to finished products. Our Leona has various grades for on wide range of applications such as automotive.

Features: ♦ High heat resistance ♦ Excellent flame reterdancy (Self-extinguishing) ♦ Balance of toughness, durability & electrical properties ♦ Superior chemical & oil resistance ♦ Superior friction, creep & fatigue resistance


Grades & Properties




TenacTM, Tenac-CTM: We provide polyacetal both TenacTM homopolymers and Tenac-CTM copolymers  in many grades for high fuctional, sliding, high-durability properties, and also low VOC.

Features: ♦ Strength & stiffness ♦ Toughness ♦ Creep resistance ♦ Fatigue endurance ♦ Friction, abrasion & wear characteristics ♦ Dimensional stability ♦ Electrical properties



Grades & Properties



Modified Polyphenylene Ether / M-PPE

XyronTM: The resins are PPE combined with polystyrene (PS), polyamide (PA), polypropylene (PP), polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) or other polymeric materials.

Features: ♦ High resistance ♦ Halogen-free flame retardancy (HB and V0) ♦ Excellent electrical properties ♦ Low mold shrinkage, Excellent dimensional accuracy & stability ♦ Low water absorption, excellent hot water resistance, hydrolytic stability ♦ Resistance to acids and alkalis


Grades & Properties

 Stylac ABS

StylacTM (ABS): Styrenic copolymeric resins produced from 3 monomers; acrylonitrile, butadience and styrene. The advantages each of monomer the plastic's properties; heat and Chemical resistance, impact strength, and high gloss level for molding parts.

Features:High impact strength. ♦ High stiffness ♦ High gloss ♦ Low density ♦ Alloys                        ♦ Transparency & Hardness ♦ Painting


Grades & Properties